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Surron Electric Dirt Bikes

As the official distributor of Surron Electric Dirt Bikes in New Zealand, we're not just a supplier — we're pioneers in revolutionizing off-road experiences. Our footprint spans across the tech capital, Auckland, and its surrounding cities, where we're the trusted choice of leading tech giants.


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The next generation of Electric Performance Bikes


Sur-Ron has emerged as an unexpected success in a variety of riding disciplines, including Trials, Enduro, Hill Climbing, Exploration, and Freestyle enjoyment.

Its substantial torque has captivated the most seasoned riders, and when it comes to Integration, Design, and Performance, Sur-Ron E-Bikes establish pioneering benchmarks across the board.

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Unit 3, 76 Porana Rd Hillcrest Auckland 0627 New Zealand

Comparing SURRON Electric Dirt Bike Models for Your Riding Preferences

Which SURRON ELECTRIC DIRT BIKE is the best for you?

Surron Light Bee X 2023

Price: $8,199 NZD
Carrying Capacity:
100 KG
Maximum Range: ~100 km (40Km/h)
Charge Time: 4 hrs
Warranty: 12 months

Surron Ultra Bee T

Price: $12,499 NZD
Carrying Capacity:
100 KG
Maximum Range: 140 Km (40Km/h)
Charge Time: 4.5 hr
Warranty: 12 months

Surron Storm Bee R

Price: $16,999 NZD
Carrying Capacity:
100 KG
Maximum Range: 100 Km (50Km/h)
Charge Time: 4 hrs
Warranty: 12 months

Compare your speed requirements for your Surron Electric Bikes

Speed Comparison

Top Speed

~72 km/h

~90 km/h


Max Range

~100 km

~140 km

~100 km

Peak Power (Motor)

6,000 W

12,500 W

22,500 W

Peak Torque

250 N.M

440 N.M

520 N.M

Charge Time (0 to 100%)

2.5 to 3.5 hours

~4.5 hours

~4 hours

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Pre-Ride Safety Checklist


Ensure that the heart of your machine, the battery, is charged and ready

A well-charged battery is not just about starting the engine; it's about the reliability of electronic components, lighting, and the overall efficiency of your ride.


Brakes are your primary defense mechanism on the road

Check the brake fluid levels, examine the brake pads for wear, and ensuring that the braking system responds with the precision

Tire Pressure

Play a pivotal role in the bike's stability and maneuverability

We recommend tire pressure at 18 - 30 PSI
Going off road on a sandy track? Go for lower tire pressure
Street riding? Go for higher tire pressure.
Want the mix of both worlds? Run them at 20 PSI

Sur-Ron History

Sur-Ron was founded in 2014 by three motorcycle and tech enthusiasts.

Qiulong Technology specializes in crafting cutting-edge electric bicycles and vehicles, emphasizing innovation throughout the design, development, and manufacturing processes.

We spearheaded the autonomous development of China's inaugural high-performance electric motorcycle, known as the White Ghost. Collaborating closely with the esteemed China Longxin Group, we facilitated the mass production of this groundbreaking vehicle.

The Sur-Ron Light Bee X 

Launched in June 2018, the Sur-Ron Light Bee X stands out as a formidable off-road electric dirt bike with a weight of 50kg. Noteworthy enhancements distinguish the Light Bee X from its predecessor, the conventional Light Bee, with the sole exception of the distinctive gold chain.

SuRron Electric Bikes Today

Sur-Ron currently boasts a dedicated team of over 100 professionals, diligently engaged in the design and production of top-tier electric bicycles (E-Bikes). Notably, the company has been honored with the prestigious Red Dot design award on the global stage. This marks the commencement of an innovative lineup featuring cutting-edge performance products.

Ride the Future

Unleash Adventure with Surron Electric Dirt Bikes

Welcome to the future of off-road riding with Surron Electric Dirt Bikes. It's time to elevate your adventure game with our unique selection of electric motorcycles, brought to you by IONREADY, the official Surron Distributor in New Zealand.