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BLUETTI PV120 Solar Panel | 120WBLUETTI PV120 Solar Panel | 120W
BLUETTI MP200 Portable Solar Panel 200WBLUETTI MP200 Portable Solar Panel 200W
Bluetti PV350 Solar Panel 350WBluetti PV350 Solar Panel 350W
BLUETTI PV420 Portable Solar Panel 420WBLUETTI PV420 Portable Solar Panel 420W

Bluetti Portable, Affordable & Eco-Friendly Solar Panels

Upgrade your energy game with Bluetti's Portable Solar Panels. Experience enhanced efficiency and power generation.

Why Choose BLUETTI Solar Panels?

• 1 Year Warranty
• IP67 Waterproof: Innovative Lamination Technology
• 24% Conversion Efficiency: Highly Efficient Solar Intake
• Easy to Carry: Foldable & Portable Design

What's The Right BLUETTI SOLAR PANELS For You?

BLUETTI PV120 Solar Panel

Power: 120 W
Weight: 12.57lbs (5.7kg
Dimensions (folded): 21 × 18.5in
(53.3 × 47cm)
Warranty: 1 Year

BLUETTI PV350 Solar Panel

Power: 350 W
Weight: 30.6bs (13.9kg)
Dimensions (folded): 35.6 × 24.1
×2.5in (90.5*61.3*6.5cm)
Warranty: 1 Year

BLUETTI MP200 Solar Panel

Power: 200 W
Weight: 19.1lbs (8.7kg
Dimensions (folded): 26.8*21.7*2.5in (681*553*65mm)
Warranty: 1 Year


The sunlight contains many tiny bits of energy called photons. Some of these photons hit solar modules, which consist of manyconnected solar cells.

By hitting the top layer of a solar cell, photons can cause electrons to flow through the bottom layer. This movement generates direct current (DC) electricity, which will be turned into AC electricity by the inverters.

Built-in batteries in power station store the converted solar power for future use.