Surron Ultra Bee X - Full Size Dirt Bike

Surron Ultra Bee X - Full Size Dirt Bike

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Surron Ultra Bee X - Full Size Dirt Bike

Surron Ultra Bee X - Full Size Dirt Bike


Unit 3/76 Porana Road

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

unit 3/76 Porana Road
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Surron Ultra Bee X Electric Dirt Bike is the perfect choice for off-road enthusiasts. Featuring a powerful electric motor and 72V battery, this bike is designed to provide a thrilling ride across any terrain. Experience peak performance and reliable efficiency with this industry-leading dirt bike.

90+ km/h

Top Speed

140 km

Range (at 40km/h)

4.5 Hours

Charge Time

Surron Ultra Bee X In Action

Surron Ultra Bee X 85kg

Drawing inspiration from the design philosophy of "Balancing On the Cutting Edge," the Ultra Bee seamlessly integrates an aluminum alloy forged chassis with our 4th generation compact powertrain.

This fusion yields a weight of 85kg, evenly distributed throughout the vehicle. Such a lightweight and balanced design allows for easy lifting with bare hands. By harnessing this innovative approach, the Ultra Bee redefines commuting, infusing everyday journeys with the prowess typically associated with trail motorcycles. It epitomizes the pinnacle of revolutionary design in the automotive landscape.

Introducing the 74V55AH High-Performance Li-ion Battery Pack. This newly engineered battery pack, boasting a capacity of 4070Wh, delivers exceptional power density and longevity with a potential lifespan of up to 1500 cycles*.

Remarkably, it achieves a reduced temperature rise during discharge, enhancing reliability and sustained performance. With a total weight of just 20.5kg, it sets a new industry benchmark for power density at 200Wh/kg.

*Even after approximately 1500 cycles, the battery pack can retain over 80% of its original health.

Ultra Bee X Powertrain

Surron 4th generation powertrain, tailor-made for the Ultra Bee

Its unique full isolated electrical architecture guarantees peak performance by eliminating interference between high and low voltage circuits. Paired with a 74V55AH battery pack and a 12.5KW / 440N.m torque drivetrain, the Ultra Bee becomes a lightning-fast track or trail weapon, empowering you to reach your maximum potential.

Ultra Bee X Traction Control

Should I Turn Off Traction Control When Riding in Dirt?

Now available in every Ultra Bee model, our cutting-edge Surround Traction Control System (SRTC) represents the pinnacle of off-road traction technology.

With the SRTC, you're not just buying a vehicle; you're investing in peace of mind. This state-of-the-art system offers three distinct rider-selectable settings, all accessible through a single user-friendly button.

No matter the terrain, the SRTC in the Ultra Bee lineup lets you conquer it all. With three selectable settings at your fingertips, you'll effortlessly master any off-road challenge.

Ultra Bee X Riding Mode Switch

Riding Mode Switch

Experience versatility like never before with the ECO/DAILY/SPORT/Reverse riding modes at your command. Our redesigned switches ensure ease of use, allowing you to navigate tight spots effortlessly while keeping your focus on the road ahead.

Enhanced Reverse Mode brings added confidence, ensuring you never get stuck on the trail again. Ride with assurance and embrace the freedom to explore with the Ultra Bee.

Ultra Bee X Full Adjustable Suspension System

Full Adjustable Suspension System

Introducing an innovative suspension system boasting 240mm of travel, offering extensive adjustability to enhance safety and comfort whether you're cruising on dirt roads or urban streets.

The distinct chassis design, coupled with steering bump stops, offers added protection against potential damage in case of a tumble. Experience unparalleled safety and comfort on every ride with this revolutionary setup.

Ultra Bee X Battery Storage System

Ultra Bee: Charger Storage Revolution

Unveiling a hidden gem beneath the seat of the Ultra Bee: a sanctuary crafted specifically for its charger. Seamlessly integrated with an air-cooling duct, recharging your Ultra Bee on the fly becomes a breeze.

No more lugging around cumbersome backpacks burdened with chargers; it's time to immerse yourself fully in the adventure ahead. Say farewell to power woes and embrace the freedom to charge wherever your heart desires. With the Ultra Bee, the journey is limitless, fueled by boundless energy and unparalleled convenience.

Surron Ultra Bee X IOV System

Surron lOV System

The Surron IOV (Internet of Vehicle) System boasts an extensive array of features, including vehicle general information, remote status checking, ride tracking, anti-theft safety protection, OTA updates, system self-diagnostic capabilities, and more.

Surron Ultra Bee X Review

Surron Ultra Bee X Technical Specs

For tech-savvy people out there


2010мм * 880мм * 1178мм

Curb weight

85 kg

Carrying capacity

100 kg

Ground clearance

318 мм


1 380 мм

Seat height

910 мм

Front fork travel

240 мм

Rear shock/wheeltravel

85/240 мм

Power system


Maximum power(Motor)

12.5 kW

Maximum torque(on wheel)

440 N.M.

Top speed

90+ km/h

Max. range

140 km (40 km/h)

Battery type

74V55AH Lithium-ion Battery pack

Charge time

4.5 Hour

Frame material

forged aluminium alloy

GPS Terminal

APP connection (if available)

Tyres type

• Front 80/100-19 off-road
• Rear 90/90-19 off-road (80/100-19 optional)

Assistance functions

• Surron Traction Control system
• Surron Energy Regenerative System