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The secret to enjoying nature guilt-free (it's not what you think)

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Calling all adventure enthusiasts! Say goodbye to guilt and hello to eco-friendly thrills with IonReady's outdoor gear. Dive into the technical wonders behind our game-changing products, designed to empower you for guilt-free exploration in New Zealand:

Electric Dirt Bikes: Unleash the Thrill, Ditch the Emissions

Our electric dirt bikes, such as the Kugoo Wish 01 and Surron Light Bee X, offer thrilling rides without the harmful emissions associated with traditional gasoline-powered bikes. By harnessing electric power, these bikes allow you to explore rugged terrain while minimizing your carbon footprint. Say goodbye to exhaust fumes and hello to cleaner, greener adventures.

Kugoo Wish 01 EV Dirt Bike:

  • Brushless DC Motor: Experience 5kW peak power for exhilarating rides without emissions.
  • 72V 20Ah Lithium-Ion Battery: Enjoy a remarkable 50km range, expanding your horizons with confidence.
  • Regenerative Braking: Harness kinetic energy to extend your ride ecologically.

Surron Light Bee X:

  • 85kW Continuous Power Motor: Conquer terrain with instant torque and exceptional hill-climbing capabilities.
  • Swappable Battery System: Tailor your ride with various battery options for personalized range.
  • Advanced Ride Modes: Customize your experience with Eco, Standard, and Sport modes.

AquaFlask Water Bottles: Sustainable Hydration, Peak Performance

Stay hydrated on your outdoor adventure with our AquaFlask water bottles, featuring double-wall vacuum insulation and leakproof technology. By opting for reusable stainless steel bottles over single-use plastic ones, you're not only keeping your beverages at the perfect temperature but also reducing plastic waste in the environment. Sip guilt-free knowing you're making a positive impact on the planet.

  • Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation: Keep beverages cold for 24 hours or hot for 12, reducing reliance on single-use plastics.
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel Construction: Ensure pure hydration free of harmful chemicals.
  • Leak Proof Technology: Enjoy spill-free adventures with secure seals and convenient handles.

Bluetti Portable Power Stations: Off-Grid Energy Independence

With our Bluetti portable power stations, such as the AC200Max and EB70, you can enjoy off-grid energy independence without relying on fossil fuels. Powered by advanced lithium iron phosphate batteries, these stations provide clean, stable energy for your electronic devices while minimizing environmental harm. Whether you're camping in the wilderness or embarking on a remote adventure, rest assured that your power needs are met sustainably.

Bluetti AC200Max:

  • 2000Wh LiFePO4 Battery: Power devices for days with clean, stable energy.
  • Multiple Charging Options: Recharge via AC, solar panels, or your car's lighter socket.
  • Pure Sine Wave Output: Protect sensitive electronics with optimal performance.

Bluetti EB70:

  • 700Wh LiFePO4 Battery: Lightweight and compact for on-the-go adventures.
  • Multiple Output Options: Charge devices with versatility, including wireless charging for added convenience.

This is just a glimpse into IonReady's eco-tech marvels. Explore our diverse selection and embrace smarter choices for guilt-free NZ exploration. Adventure responsibly and discover nature like never before!

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