The History of Boxing Day: Unboxed

The History of Boxing Day: Unboxed

Christmas has come and gone, leaving behind a trail of twinkling lights, delightful feasts, and mountains of wrapping paper. But before you put away the ornaments and tuck the tinsel back into the attic, there's one more holiday gem waiting to be unwrapped: Boxing Day.

Whether it's employers expressing gratitude to their helpers or a day dedicated to charitable giving, this exciting day holds a rich history behind its celebration.

So, how did Boxing Day come to be? Who and how did this public holiday start? Get ready as we unbox the truth.

The Servant's Surprise

Looking back to the 19th century, Boxing Day emerged as a tradition among employers expressing appreciation for their helpers. After the festive Christmas celebrations, employers would gift wrapped presents to their hardworking helpers—a token of gratitude for their year-round hard work. These gifts, literally boxes of thanks, coined the term "Boxing Day."

Church's Charity

Moving into the 20th century, Boxing Day took a different turn, evolving into a day of charitable giving. Churches played a crucial role in this transformation, with churchgoers contributing money stored in a symbolic box. These boxes were opened during the Christmas season, then distributed to the less fortunate after Christmas day, creating new meaning into Boxing Day.

People embraced the tradition of using boxes for the kind deeds of Boxing Day—collecting donations that went on to make a significant impact.

These days, Boxing Day is observed as part of the holidays in several countries. Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and other Commonwealth nations celebrate this annual holiday.

So, as you tidy up after the holidays, remember that Boxing Day is more than leftovers and packing things away. It began with employers thanking their helpers and evolved into a day dedicated to helping others. Consider it a special gift—unwrapping the history of Boxing Day and keeping the holiday spirit alive a little longer.


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