NZ Faced Wild Thunderstorm – Authorities Advised to Stay Prepared

NZ Faced Wild Thunderstorm – Authorities Advised to Stay Prepared
Photo: RNZ / Angus Dreaver
New Zealand - In a rumbling turn of events, they faced the rage of a severe thunderstorm on December 12, 2023, leaving a trail of destruction in the area. With a front moving up the east coast of the North Island, the storm devastated buildings, trees, and power lines, causing widespread damage and disruption.
Heavy rain and strong winds struck Wellington, leading to extensive damage to properties. The severe storm surge also resulted in localised flooding in certain areas, compounding the challenges faced by residents and emergency services alike.
Damaging Effects of the Thunderstorm
At its peak, over 2000 homes found themselves in the darkness as power outages swept through the city. About 330 properties in Days Bay and Waterloo experienced the same, extending across Hutt Valley. The Fire and Emergency services were rushed into action, responding to over 60 weather-related appeals, an evidence to the degree of the crisis.
Photo: RNZ / Charlotte Cook

The outcomes of the storm extended beyond property damage and power outages, disrupting the city's transportation system. Flights were cancelled, and roads were blocked, causing further chaos and complicating rescue and recovery efforts. The Hutt City Council is actively engaged in responding to the widespread damage, coordinating efforts to address the aftermath of the storm.

It was also reported that the police responded to extensive property damages on Cornwall Street where there was a strong smell of gas.

Moreover, several flights were cancelled and delayed at Christchurch Airport. Airways New Zealand said that lightning strikes impacted certain "critical infrastructure," resulting in temporary disruptions to some flights.

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On the other hand, as the residents of Wellington come to terms with the aftermath of the severe weather event, emergency services and local authorities are working tirelessly to restore order and assist those affected by the storm.

With this calamity, it was advised, particularly to East Coast residents, to take shelter indoors, avoid tree cover, return to land if on the water, move cars away from trees, secure loose objects, clear drains and gutters, and be prepared to slow down or stop while driving.

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The severe thunderstorm that struck NZ on December 12, 2023, serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of weather. As they recover with the aftermath, it is important to stay alert and prepared with the unprecedented natural outbursts.

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