Fieldays 2024: IONREADY Electrifies the Crowd with Sustainable Solutions

Fieldays 2024: IONREADY Electrifies the Crowd with Sustainable Solutions

The energy at Fieldays 2024 is electric, literally! Right in the heart of the action is IONREADY, where we've transformed our booth into a haven for eco-conscious adventurers and anyone curious about the future of sustainable living.

E-bikes Take Center Stage

Electric bikes are the undisputed stars of the show. We're witnessing a surge of interest from folks eager to ditch gas and explore the outdoors with a clean conscience. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are e-bike matchmakers extraordinaire, expertly pairing customers with the perfect ride – whether it's conquering rugged trails or cruising through city streets.

Clean Energy with BLUETTI

The excitement doesn't stop with two wheels. We're also showcasing the innovative BLUETTI line of sustainable power products. From curious first-timers to seasoned off-grid enthusiasts, many attendees are captivated by the idea of powering their adventures with clean, portable energy solutions.

AquaFlask Steals the Show

But perhaps the biggest splash comes from our selection of AquaFlask bottles. The crowd is excited over the chance to snag a stylish and sustainable way to keep their drinks icy cold or piping hot for hours.

Speaking of excitement, did we mention the deals? Throughout Fieldays, we're offering a 30% discount on all AquaFlask products. And more surprises await!

Stay Plugged In!

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