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Why the Surron Ultra Bee R Should Be Your Next On-Road Electric Motorcycle?

Why the Surron Ultra Bee R Should Be Your Next On-Road Electric Motorcycle?

The Surron Ultra Bee R blurs the lines between city streets and dirt trails. This road-legal electric motorbike packs a serious punch, with features designed to master commutes and dominate off-road adventures.

Road Legal Powerhouse

IONREADY Surron Ultra Bee R On Road

The Ultra Bee R is fully road-legal, letting you unleash its electric potential on city streets. With its lightweight frame and instant torque, weaving through traffic becomes a thrilling dance. The Ultra Bee R also has a 440 Nm of torque, propelling you forward with exhilarating acceleration. And with 19" wheels for superior stability and dual-sport tyres, you'll have the grip to handle anything the road (or trail) throws your way.

Duality of Dirt and Street

Surron engineers haven't forgotten off-road performance. The high-performance suspension system and Intersect TR technology soak up bumps with ease, while the SRTC traction control system keeps you in control on loose terrain.

The Ultra Bee R has a hidden trick: customisable wheels! Swap between the stock street tyres and off-road options for a bike that truly transforms. Rear 18" and front 19" options ensure maximum grip on any surface.

Long-Lasting Power

The all-new 74V/55Ah battery pack delivers an impressive 4070Wh of juice, offering a long range for exploring the city or tackling trails. Plus, the innovative design keeps battery temperatures low, extending battery life and reliability. A fully-featured dash displays essential ride information, while Bluetooth connectivity lets you adjust settings and track your rides. There's even a built-in GPS for anti-theft security and remote updates to keep your ride cutting-edge.

Hidden Gems

Small touches make a big difference. The Ultra Bee R on-road features a hidden compartment under the seat for the charger, eliminating the need to carry it separately. And the cleverly designed soft steering blocks offer extra protection during those inevitable off-road mishaps.

The Verdict

The Surron Ultra Bee R on-road is a game-changer for electric motorcycles. It's equally at home carving up city streets and dominating dirt trails. With its combination of power, performance, technology, and versatility, the Ultra Bee R is the ultimate ride for the urban explorer with an off-road soul.

Why Buy the Surron Ultra Bee R (On-Road)?

IONREADY Surron Ultra Bee R On Road

The Ultra Bee R isn't for everyone. But if you crave an electric motorcycle that offers the best of both worlds, this street-legal powerhouse is calling your name. Here's why you should consider the Ultra Bee R:

  • Thrill Seeker: You crave the exhilaration of off-road riding, but also want a street-legal option for everyday commutes. The Ultra Bee R lets you experience the best of both worlds.
  • Performance Driven: The Ultra Bee R's electric motor delivers instant torque and exceptional handling, making it a blast to ride on any terrain.
  • Tech Enthusiast: The Ultra Bee R has a high-tech suspension system, traction control, and a smartphone-connected dash, keeping you informed and in control.
  • Range Rover: The long-lasting battery and efficient design ensure you can explore the city or conquer trails without range anxiety.
  • Two Bikes in One: With its customisable wheels, the Ultra Bee R transforms from a street machine to a dirt warrior in minutes. It's like getting two bikes for the price of one!

If you're an urban adventurer with a wild side, the Surron Ultra Bee R is the perfect electric motorcycle companion. Visit our website today to learn more about this on-road dirt bike. It's powerful, versatile, and packed with tech features – on or off the road!

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