TALARIA Sting R-MX4 TL4000 - Fully Assembled

Fully Assembled

Brand-new, fully assembled unused demo bike, clearance sale.

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• 12-Months Warranty
• Brand New R Edition Gear Box
• 45Ah 60v 2700Wh battery made with 21700 cells
• Max rider weight 120kgs
• No more primary drive belts snapping thanks to a gearing system!
• Front and rear suspension damping that is fully adjustable
• Grey professional handlebar grips.

Colour: Black / Blue

Pickup available at Unit 3/76 Porana Road

Usually ready in 24 hours

TALARIA Sting R-MX4 TL4000 Electric Dirt Bike - High-Power 4000W Motor, 60V/45Ah Battery, Dual Transmission

TALARIA Sting R-MX4 TL4000 - Fully Assembled

Black / Blue

Unit 3/76 Porana Road

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

unit 3/76 Porana Road
Auckland 0627
New Zealand

I'm 68 years old and am retiring in 2 weeks. When I watched this video a little over a week ago I thought man, wish I was younger... the next day said f--- it and placed my order. Had it for a couple days now and have probably 30 miles on it. DAMN THIS BIKE IS A BLAST!!!

@jimdale8961 from Youtube

Talaria has for sure been paying attention. Super sick bike! I need one.
That Talaria Sting R with turn signals and street tires is exactly what I want....
TALARIA Sting R-MX4 TL4000


Talaria has upgraded its braking system to match its bikes' increased speed and power. New larger, thicker rotors—220mm x 2.3mm—provide 20% more stopping power and better heat dissipation than previous models. Enhanced, quieter brake pads and adjustable regenerative braking improve efficiency, extend range by up to 5%, and reduce brake wear.

TALARIA Sting R-MX4 TL4000


We're excited to introduce our bike's upgraded Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) motor. It features larger, improved magnets and a design that surpasses the original Sting and Surron models in efficiency, heat management, and reliability. Common issues like loosening magnets and sensor problems are mitigated with a new magnetic encoder, eliminating the need for hall sensors. This motor supports higher power and RPMs, ensuring a stronger power curve, especially with a more powerful controller upgrade.

TALARIA Sting R-MX4 TL4000


The Talaria features a robust 45Ah, 60v (2700 Watt hours) battery made from high-performance LG 21700 (5000mAh) cells. These cells maintain battery longevity while delivering additional range and power. This battery offers an 18% improvement in range compared to the Surron X battery, making it a superior choice for extended rides.

TALARIA Sting R-MX4 TL4000


The Talaria boasts an upgraded gearbox with thickened mounts for better gear reduction, enhancing both quietness and reliability by eliminating belt issues found in the Surron. Maintenance is simplified with oil changes needed only every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, taking just 5 minutes. A first oil change is required after 300 miles for break-in, with the Talaria R including the necessary gear fluid.

Unleash Superior Power & Endurance

Meet the Talaria Sting R-MX4: Power Redefined

Dominate with 30% more peak power, a class-leading 45AH battery, and whisper-quiet gearbox technology. Charge ahead with our fastest, most durable electric bike yet.

  • Chassis Material: 6061 T4 & T6 Aluminium Alloy
  • Process Method: Forged by 6000 Tons Pressure
  • Surface Method: Anodizing 
  • Headlight: LED
  • Front Fork: Fastace / Talaria Factory
  • Rear Shock: Fastace / HT / Talaria Factory
  • Wheel Size: 19”
  • Tire: FR 70/100-19 / RR 80/100-19
  • Max. Range: 120 km @ 25 Km/h
  • Net Weight: 66 Kg (Including Battery)
  • Vehicle Dimension: 1880mm x 770mm x 1088mm
  • Seat Height: 840mm
  • Wheelbase: 1250mm
  • Handlebar Length: 760mm
  • Ground Clearance: 300mm
  • Motor type: DC IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet)
  • Mounting Position: Middle of the Frame
  • Weight: 7.0 kg
  • Motor Ext. Diameter: 180mm
  • Peak Efficiency: 92%
  • Cooling Method: Cooled
  • Controller Type: FOC
  • Weight: 2 Kg
  • Dimension: 248mm x 128mm x 50mm
  • Peak Efficiency: 92%
  • Highest Work Temp: 100°
Power System
  • Nominal Voltage: 60V (DC)
  • Maximum Speed: Factory limited to 20mph / 32 Kmh
  • Nominal Torque: 45 N.M
  • Gear Ratio: 8.35 (44T) / 9.18 (48T)
  • 1st Transmission: Gearbox
  • 2nd Transmission: Chain