Starlink Setup Guide and Power Bundle Offer!

Starlink Setup Guide and Power Bundle Offer!

Stay Connected Anywhere with Starlink and BLUETTI (Limited-Time Bundle)

Dreaming of remote adventures without sacrificing internet access? Look no further! This blog post offers a two-in-one solution: a guide to setting up your Starlink internet and a fantastic bundle deal from IonReady.

From April 29th to May 13th, IonReady is offering a up to 50% discount on Starlink when you purchase any BLUETTI portable power station! BLUETTI provides reliable power solutions for your off-grid needs, with options ranging from the compact AC2P to the powerful AC200MAX.

Find the Perfect BLUETTI Power Station for You:

  • BLUETTI AC2P: Ideal for laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • BLUETTI EB3A: Power essential devices and some small appliances.
  • BLUETTI AC180P: Take on bigger tasks like TVs, refrigerators, and microwaves.
  • BLUETTI AC200MAX: The ultimate off-grid companion, powering your entire home during outages.
  • BLUETTI AC60P: Another great option for powering various devices.

Starlink High-Speed Internet: Stay connected with Starlink's reliable internet service, wherever your off-grid adventures take you. With this incredible discount, you can enjoy the benefits of Starlink at a fraction of the usual cost.

Why Choose This Bundle?

This BLUETTI and Starlink bundle from IonReady is a perfect combination for anyone who wants to experience the freedom of off-grid living without sacrificing connectivity. With BLUETTI's dependable power solutions, you can keep your devices charged and essential appliances running, while Starlink ensures you stay connected to the outside world.

Starlink brings high-speed internet to remote locations, but setting it up is surprisingly simple. Here's your guide to getting online in just a few steps:

Starlink Setup Guide for V3

1. Find Your Spot

- Download the Starlink App and use the "Check for Obstructions" tool.
- Locate a spot with a clear, unobstructed view of the sky. Aim for minimal trees, buildings, etc., and a vertical position for optimal performance.

2. Power Up and Connect

- Place your Starlink dish in the base and connect the power cable. The dish will automatically find satellites and level itself – no manual adjustments needed!
- Within minutes, Starlink will connect and tilt to the optimal angle for your location.

3. Get Online

- Find and connect to the "STARLINK" network in your Wi-Fi settings.
- For added security, consider creating a new network name (SSID) and password through the Starlink app (optional but recommended).

Starlink Setup Guide for V4

1. Download the Starlink App

- Scan the QR code provided or search for "Starlink" in your app store. This handy app will guide you through the setup process.

2. Connect the Cables

- Lift the kickstand on your Starlink dish and plug one end of the cable (locking feature facing up) firmly into the Starlink dish until flush.
- Route the other end of the cable to your Gen 3 Router and connect it to port number 1 (marked with an antenna symbol).
- Finally, power up your router using the provided cable and power supply.

3. Find a Clear Sky View

- Starlink needs a clear view of the heavens for optimal connection.
- Use the Starlink App's obstruction tool to find a suitable location, ideally with minimal trees, buildings, or other obstacles.
- Aim for a vertical position for best results.

Elevated View Needed?

If you can't find a clear view at ground level, consider Starlink's roof, pole, or wall mounts (sold separately) to elevate your dish.

4. Connect and Align

- Follow the easy on-screen instructions in the Starlink App to complete the installation process.
- The app will also guide you on any necessary adjustments to optimise your Starlink's alignment for the best signal.

5. Connect to WiFi

- On your device, search for the "STARLINK" network in your WiFi settings and connect.
- For added security, the app might recommend creating a new network name (SSID) and password. This step is optional but recommended.

Congratulations! You're Online!

Now that you're connected, explore the Starlink App to customise settings, check connection status, and more.

Troubleshooting Tips

Having trouble connecting? Don't worry, the Starlink App can help. Open the app to check for alerts, outages, or obstructions. Additionally, you can ensure all connections are secure and verify there's no damage to hardware or cables. Power cycling the router or performing a factory reset (last resort) might also resolve the issue. If needed, Starlink Customer Support is available through the app or at

Need a Lift?

If you can't find a clear view at ground level (applicable to both V3 & V4), consider Starlink's roof, pole, or wall mounts (sold separately) to elevate your dish for an unobstructed view.

Starlink Status Definitions

  • Outdoors: Ready for use.
  • Indoors: Router connected.
  • Stowed: Dish folded for transport.
  • Initialising: System starting up.
  • Auto-Levelling/Sky Searching/Auto-Tilting (V3 only): Dish adjusting for optimal connection.
  • Connected to the Internet: You're online!

Don't Miss Out on This Limited-Time Offer!

Head over to IonReady today and take advantage of this incredible bundle to power up your off-grid adventures!

Available from April 29th to May 13th only at IonReady.

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